Florals for Fall

By Claire Vaughn

Floral patterns have always been a spring and summer staple. It makes sense, as the weather is changing and flowers are blooming. Plus, it adds a pop of color to mimic the fresh new feel of the season change. But who said florals can’t be for fall?

This fall, florals are not stepping aside. Typically, florals tend to be bright and springy, meaning a lot of pastels, pinks, purples, blues, and light colors. But this season, the darker florals are in- dark blues, blacks, reds, and mustard yellows are a must. By having these floral patterns, it spices up an outfit. It makes it interesting, adds a little something to a basic outfit. Since the darker or cooler colors are prominent, they will add a fall feel to the outfit. No confusion on seasons here!

A dark romper with pink florals is perfect, or a floral scarf paired with a white t-shirt and jeans. Florals can be worked into any outfit for any occasion. These kinds of pieces can be found just about anywhere. Forever 21  has some great items for great deals. But these accents don’t have to just be clothing items, they can be accessories, such as watches or purses. Kate Spade has some great options, as well.


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Courtesy of bluetiqueoxford


Florals are not just for girls. It is common to have a women’s shirt or dress covered in florals, as flowers are generally considered very feminine. While they can help add a girly or sweet touch to an outfit, no one said that florals can’t be for men. This season, florals are hitting the men’s section just as hard. A great way to incorporate florals into an outfit is probably little accents, such as socks, or ties. Some great ones can be found at Express or Macy’s. This can add a fun, playful look to a sophisticated outfit. Even a floral button up shirt paired with jeans or khakis can be a fun way to change up a look.  


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Courtesy of Instagram: ramykola15


There’s really no right or wrong way to wear this trend. Do what makes you feel comfortable- try different things and do so with confidence!