Viva La Juicy

By Lizzie Carter

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, here’s an update: Juicy Couture is back on trend. Never thought you’d see someone rock a vel-velour track suit in bright hues and bedazzled all over ever again? You’re partially wrong and partially right.

Juicy underwent a huge re-branding situation earlier in 2016- collaborating Urban Outfitters and updating their pieces- they blew up on the scene again. Still holding true to tradition in terms of sweat suits, they have now updated their pieces to a 2017 trend focused style.


                          Courtesy of Alex Manfroni

Graphic tees are all the rage at the moment. This perfect white tee sporting Juicy branding- ties in with both trends. Dartying or not, a fun phrase on your tee and some cute sunnies will complete a look.



                         Courtesy of Athanasia Coulianidis

Trade out millennial pink for hot pink, and it becomes the perfect color to rock in your Juicy anything. This look can be for a music festival or even a funky theme party. Tube tops are also coming back with a vengeance and Juicy designed prepared for the demand. They paid homage to their vel-velour tracksuits by creating this top in the same material.



                       Courtesy of Coco Schiffer

The Juicy logo is printed everywhere, so why wouldn’t it be perfect on a tube top/bandeau style top? The playful phrase mixed with classic colors is sure to be an updated staple in any girl’s wardrobe. Jean shorts make this look more down to earth while the belt gives a look a little more ~bougie.~ Of course, you can always substitute with a double buckle belt or even go full retro and put a fanny pack on.

So with a full upgrade, I’d say Juicy is back and better than what your 2007 self could have imagined. Playing up the trends, but keeping it classic with their indisputable logo on every item- you’re sure to find something you’re dying to style.