White after Labor Day

By Madelyn Hopkins

There’s the old saying that I’m sure you’ve all heard, “no white after Labor Day.” However, a key word in that: OLD. Letting a holiday dictate what you wear is so lame. If you want to wear white, wear white.

Courtesy of Kate Kronstein 

I guess the saying does come with some logic. After Labor Day, the temperature cools down, so people hiding their white linen outfits in the back of their closets has some credibility. But that’s because we associate white with summer garments- like sundresses and tank tops.

It would definitely be a little weird if I rolled up to a Christmas party in just a white tube dress. However, there are so many white pieces you can utilize while the weather is transitioning from warm to cold.

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

To start, white with accented colors or patterns. Wearing a dress that is predominantly white with some color creates a totally different look. Like the dress pictured above, adding pops of black and orange gives this style more of a versatile feel. Although it’s perfect for a summer pool party or cookout, it also would look just as great to a day party in late September.

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

Similarly, if you pair a white top or jeans with other colors, like pictured above, you get a much more weather-friendly look. These white outfits would be completely different if they weren’t paired with some color. However, when paired with a casual, dark colored skirt or jean jacket- the outfit is flawlessly fit for a warm September weekend.

White can be whatever you make of it. Don’t let people discourage you when you’re trying to wear white pants on September 13th; it’s honestly not a big deal. Your style is exactly how it sounds: Yours. So wear what you want to express who you are.