All About the Fray

By Kaylee Spahr

In a fashion world that is constantly changing and evolving, there is one thing we can always count on to be in style: denim. One thing we can know for sure this fall season is that denim is having a serious moment. Jean jackets, chambray shirts, just plain old jeans, and denim seem to be everywhere we look. So how do you stand out in a world so full of denim? Two words: frayed denim.

With frayed denim, all your classic pieces can instantly be taken to the next level. The frayed touch gives your look an effortlessly trendy look. Your go to classic, black skinny jeans can now be the center point of your outfit. Pair them with a basic tee to make sure they really pop or style them with a graphic tee to give it more of an edgy vibe.

IMG_7362 2.jpg
Courtesy of Kaylee Spahr

Another perk of frayed denim is that can easily go with any style. There is sure to be a frayed denim piece that can work for you, whether you have the more of a classic preppy look or more of an edgy vibe. You can see from the picture above that there are different variations to the style too. Whatever look you’re going for- there is an option for you.

Courtesy of Sam Usher

Personally, my favorite frayed denim look is with a jean jacket. It seems like almost every girl nowadays owns some type of denim jacket. Which is why opting for a jacket with the frayed look is the perfect way to stand out and be unique this fall season. So next time you’re in search of the perfect denim piece be sure to choose something with fray for an instantly stylish look!