What Happens? Life Happens. Listen to Music.

By Tyler Aberle

For a lot of us that are getting older, the time is moving faster, the days slip away, and we wake up in the morning feeling like a train hit us from the night before. Even if you didn’t go out the night earlier, it happens more and more often as you get older. That damn train we are talking about is the good ole’ joy-ride of life.

It’s the realization of actual responsibility. Soon we’ll be completely off our parent’s dime (What even is a 401k and how does one get it?). Pretty soon we are going to be clinging to the past and wishing for that time back. I know for a fact we all get nostalgic. When will I turn 16 and be able to drive? When can I actually be an adult and 18 years old? Haha, if only pal. When will I be able to finally not have to rely on a fake plastic rectangle at 21? It all comes soon enough, and once it’s here we don’t know where the time went.

Honestly, there really isn’t a problem being a little nostalgic every now and then. When you want to think back to the good times check out this throwback playlist.


Courtesy of UP Magazine


In specific, check this one out and tell me you don’t want to go outside and play Ghost in the Graveyard or Kick the Can with the neighbors.

Whenever you are done with that, take a step back and realize that the best days are even yet to come- if you keep the attitude in check and drive in your step.

Stay golden, Y’all.