Mad about Monochrome

By Madelyn Hopkins

I’m sure most of us can say that we’ve been culprits of the black on black on black trend. It’s just so easy to pair black jeans with a black blouse with black booties and a black bag…yadda yadda. Vice versa, who doesn’t love a white on white look? Crisp, summery, careless. Wearing white on white is like being the Belle of the ball.

You know heads are going to turn your way as you walk around- who isn’t drawn to the purity of an all-white outfit?

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 2.16.11 PM.png
Courtesy of UP Fashion Magazine

It’s time to go beyond the borders of white and black. It’s time to take your monochromatic tendencies and amp them up a little bit. I’m talking about color. When I was a kid, I remember my mom telling me, “Madelyn! You cannot wear all blue again today!” as I attempted to head to school in cobalt leggings and a bright blue t-shirt (I was not the most fashionable second grader, sue me).

However, that was the way the world worked. It was not socially acceptable for me to leave my house looking like a blueberry.

About a month ago, I visited Charleston, SC. Given the popular city that Charleston is, I was so excited to wear some of my favorite summer purchases. On my first day in Charleston, I decided to go a bit bolder than I normally do- matching my earrings and wallet to my dress.

Typically, I would’ve paired this dress with simple hoops or pearls and maybe a brown leather bag; however, something magical happened when I went monochrome. About five minutes into strolling around the street, two random strangers had already walked up to me saying that they loved my look. Throughout the entire day, random people kept admiring my all blue outfit.

Now, I do not include this story to brag about myself, trust me this has never happened before (& hasn’t since, lol), but I credit my day of fame to my monochromatic look!

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

Now, this style is honestly probably one of the easiest things to do. Literally just match a skirt in your closet to a cute top or a dress with some accessories. Pairing autumnal tones, like marigold with marigold or olive with olive will give you that killer look you want this fall. And trust me, you will not walk around feeling like a weirdo who didn’t realize they’re wearing all one color. People realize it’s intentional and will admire it!