“Ugly” Shoes on Trend

By Lizzie Carter

The “ugly-chic” shoe trend has stuck around for quite some time now and doesn’t seem to be exiting the style scene anytime soon.  The athleisure look can be elevated with fur, pearls, phrases, embellishments- practically anything. We’re taking plastic chic to a whole new level, from day to night.

Naturally, you can opt for the uber expensive originals: the Rhianna, Fenty Puma line. But if you’re still just a college student struggling to pay for your weekend Crunch a’ Munch, there are options for a mere $10. While these slip-ons have undoubtedly been around since you played rec-league soccer, these tips to elevate them hopefully help you update this fun classic.


Courtesy of Lauren Ferrell

If you would rather binge watch “The Bachelor in Paradise” and stay in rather than head to Brick- these are your kinda variation of the “ugly” shoe. Mocking a slipper, the comfy/coziness of the plush top will keep you feeling good all day and night. The fur imitates the Rhianna Puma collab slide but on a budget. A quick trip to Forever 21 or Zara and you’re sure to find this style for less than $20. Pick a fun color and you’re ready to go.



Courtesy of Annie Nickele

Stepping out? Embellished with tassels and rhinestones, these slip-ons will perfect your outfit and add extra flare. If you’re not into accessorizing, choose a pair of shoes like these with endless sparkle and fun to keep you from looking anything but basic. The sparkle adds interest to the base of the outfit but will creep interest up when evaluating your look of the night. Channel your inner supermodel or fashion blogger with this fun update on the trend, and you’re sure to turn heads.



Courtesy of Molly Mendelson

Slide from yoga to class easily in this fun style. These cuties will totally be your go-to for an easy shoe. Wear them with your favorite stripey socks to really play up the ugly shoe trend or to show off a fresh pedicure. Summer isn’t over yet in Oxford, and these scream excitement and warm weather.

I get the routine of slipping on your superstars and running out the door, but this on-trend style elevates the vibe of a comfortable outfit and creates a coolness that once wasn’t there. If all the fashionable girls are still doing it, why not hop on the train, right? Into it on yourself or not, you can’t deny that this simple, affordable “ugly” shoe can’t be called ugly for long. How do you see yourself styling this?

Into it or not, you can’t deny that this simple, affordable “ugly” shoe can’t be called ugly for long. How do you see yourself styling this?