Blog About a Vlog That Isn’t a Waste of Time

By Tyler Aberle

I want to start vlogging, but quite frankly, I know I won’t for these reasons:

1) Cameras are expensive, and I am indeed a broke college kid scraping by on Ramen

2) My content would contain too many naps and exceedingly average experiences

So pretty much the only awe-inspiring thing I would bring to the table is the immaculately long Netflix binges that happen a little bit too long. Sorry, but Friends is dope.

However, lucky for me and so many other people out there, nearly 8 million to be exact, our good friend Casey Neistat has all of the content, cameras, and experiences to tell the perfect story through an ~8-minute vlog.

Casey Neistat is a content creator (Youtuber) for good ole’ Youtube, aka one of the reasons we find ourselves deep into weird videos when we really should be doing something productive. He was one of the pioneers of the vlog. A vlog is pretty much taking a camera with you for the entire day and capturing the moment, putting it together, and sharing it with a community. This New York City workhorse started this journey of daily vlogging back in March of 2015, and until recently (Because he is working on a project with CNN) was religious about posting content every day, no matter what.


Courtesy of Casey Neisat

One would think: “Why am I watching someone else’s normal day and why would anyone?” That was me when I first started watching, I checked it out in a very condescending manner expecting to hate it and proceed to make fun of it. And what do you know, I got hooked after the first episode.

There is something about what Casey does that is just wildly inspiring and gives you a little pep-in-your-step to chase down your goals during the day. The way he talks about his vlogs is that it is him telling a narrative, and he follows that in all of the content he creates. By the way, Casey has created advertisements and movies teaming up with Mercedes, Samsung, HBO, and now CNN, so he knows a thing or two. That narrative and his driven and gritty working attitude are what keeps you around checking your laptop to see if he dropped a video.

It’s tough to articulate just what to expect from a vlog, especially if you are like me and skeptical of wasting your time on things like this. But when you watch a video by Casey Neistat it almost feels like you are productive because he relates to the viewer and is consistently spewing the importance of passion and work ethic to every person that his video comes across. I’m telling you. Take a second, go check his channel out.

It will be worth your time.