I Met Gigi Hadid (And Here’s What Went Down)

By Hannah Blaze

It started off an average day- it was a Saturday, and I was spending my summer interning in the magnificent New York City. Saturdays were my favorite day of the week, as I spent them exploring the concrete jungle from sunup to sundown. On this particular day, I was off to the Museum of Modern Art with my summer roommate. On the subway ride up to Midtown, I received an Instagram share from another one of my friends staying in the city. It was a post from V Magazine saying they were having a meet and greet later with none other than THE Gigi Hadid. I lowkey freaked a little and knew that nothing was going to stop me from finally meeting her.

A few weeks beforehand, I had made the discovery that Gigi’s NYC apartment was a mere 6 blocks away from my summer dorm! I spent my evenings taking laps around her neighborhood in hopes that I would see her walking in or out of the building. Although I never saw Gigi herself, one night I was able to catch both her younger sister Bella and Kendall Jenner run into her side door! (But that’s a whole other story).

After spending the afternoon exploring the MOMA exhibits, it was time for me to head down to SoHo for the magazine signing. I was a little over an hour early, and the line had already accumulated around 75-100 fans. I was lucky enough to make friends with the girls behind me, making the time pass super quick. While we were waiting, two girls who worked for the magazine came down the line and began collecting money. We were given the option of paying either $25 or $30, both giving us a magazine copy and the opportunity to meet and take pictures with Gigi. I was told the $30 option also included a few extra gifts, so I decided to splurge a little and choose the more expensive package!

At around 6:10, (being oh so fashionably late, of course) Gigi arrived at the venue, and everyone went crazy! About 25 minutes after the signing began, a man in a suit came by and asked if anyone had come to the event alone. I raised my hand and said that I was alone, and for some unknown reason, he literally let me pass just about the entire line!

I enter the building and lowkey freak when I see Gigi sitting no more than ten feet away from me. It is always the weirdest thing seeing someone in real life that you have only ever seen on your phone or computer screen. She was honestly so much skinnier than I thought she would be, which is crazy because she already looks so thin in every picture taken of her.


There were around five people still ahead of me, but I had no problem waiting my turn at this point! A V Magazine worker gave me a magazine for her to sign while I was waiting. I was trying to think of what I would say to Gigi, but nothing good was coming to mind. I was honestly in such shock that the entire situation was happening that I really couldn’t form a cohesive thought.

Before I knew it, it was finally my time to talk to Gigi!! This is basically what our conversation consisted of:

Gigi: Hi there!!

Me: Hi!! Oh my gosh, it is soo nice to meet you!

Gigi: Aw, it’s so nice to meet you too!! What’s your name?

Me: Hannah!

Gigi: Is there an H at the end of that? (She was going to sign the magazine)

Me: Yes!

Gigi: Perfect, thank you so much for coming!

Me: Oh my gosh, no, thank you for doing this!!

Gigi: Aw of course! (She signed the magazine & I then handed her my phone to take selfies because there was no way my nervous, shaky hands were going to take a quality pic)

Me: Here, can you take them?? You’re probably much better at taking these than I am.

(She laughed & then we took a bunch of selfies)

Me: Oh my gosh thank you soo much!

Gigi: No, thank you!

Me: Please tell Zayn I said hi!! (I love Zayn almost as much as her)

Gigi: Oh my gosh, sure thing!

(She laughed again & then I walked out!)

No, it definitely wasn’t my greatest of conversations, but can you blame me for being nervous?? Still, she was incredibly sweet and took some adorable pics of us!! I’m definitely curious to know if she’s that nice IRL, or if it was more of an act since she was being paid to do the event.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 11.55.51 AM

On my way out, I was handed my extra goodie bag, which consisted of a bracelet, lipstick, and my personal favorite- a Lumee case!! I was actually shocked that they were giving those away in the bags because they retail for anything from $40-$70! The entire experience was definitely worth the $30 that I paid.


Meeting Gigi was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life, and I absolutely love telling people the story. I am forever aspiring to be cool enough to join her squad of gorgeous, affluent people, but for now, magazine signing encounters will have to do!