3 Bloggers You Need On Your Insta Feed

By Kaylee Spahr

My guilty pleasure is hands down fashion blogs. I could spend hours creeping through different bloggers aesthetically pleasing Instagrams or reading their blog post on the latest trends. From fashion and food to lifestyle and travel, it’s highly likely there is a blog out there you will love. How do you keep up with new blogs popping up almost every second of the day? Well, I’ve got you covered- I’ve rounded up my top three bloggers you need in life.

1. Emily Gemma

Instagram: @emilyanngemma

Blog: thesweetestthingblog.com

I’ve been a loyal Emily Gemma follower from the beginning… not going to lie, I’m pretty proud. Emily is my go-to for all things trendy, and her accessory game is a 10. She recently had an adorable little boy named Luke and continues to kill the game as a mom. Emily is great about interacting with her followers and makes you feel she’s one of your best friends.

Courtesy of The Sweetest Thing Blog

2. Christine Andrew

Instagram: @hellofashionblog

Blog: hellofashionblog.com

Christine Andrew is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger- also a self-proclaimed shoe addict from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her edgy yet famine style is really unique, which gives her an edge in the blogging world. Her husband (@codywestonandrew) is also a fashion blog… #powercouple am I right? My favorite post of hers would have to be her travel-related post. She has gone everywhere: New York, London, Greece and even Bali.

Courtesy of Hello Fashion Blog

3. Olivia Rink

Instagram: @oliviarink

Blog: oliviarink.com

Olivia Rink is a former University of Kentucky cheerleader who currently lives in Chicago and has serious #hairgoals. She is a petite fashion and lifestyle blogger who has a very girly yet chic sense of style. When I’m visiting the windy city, Olivia is a Chicago pro and is my go-to for shopping and food tips.

Courtesy of Olivia Rink’s Blog


These are only three of my favorite bloggers- if you’re in need of advice, bloggers are the way to go.

(Advice from a blogger)