How To Flirt- Miami Edition

By Hannah Star

Everyone knows 2017 isn’t the age of chivalry when it comes to dating, in particular on a college campus. Us girls have to cut the guys some slack, of course, because with Snapchats, DMs, and iMessage being our primary form of communication these days, it’s tough to be romantic. However, some of the messages guys come up with are absolutely absurd.

Although I see some of these hilarious messages via my friends throughout the week, I’m a sucker for Instagram accounts like @howto_flirt and @textsfromyourex. These accounts post screenshots of hilariously failed flirting and communication between couples. Some of these texts seem completely fake, so I decided to investigate and see if any Miami students were having these types of conversations.

Here were some of my findings:



This “research” of mine taught me a lot about some of the of men we encounter on Miami’s campus. It seems that perhaps when the sun goes down, these Miami men go straight for the punch when it comes to flirting. The honesty that is displayed in these texts is actually admirable.

However, why do us girls have to wait for this level of directness until the wee hours of a Friday or Saturday night?


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