Sprite Date Stylin’

By Lizzie Carter

Greek life. Not for everyone, but for close to half the population of Miami’s students, it’s their whole world. Young freshman ask each other, “Are you going to rush?” from the time they meet until the time you return to Oxford post-six week winter break. For sororities, a way to get girls comfortable with rush is an event hosted in late September/early October called Sprite Dates.

Sprite dates are held in each sororities suite in their respective dorms. You walk from suite to suite, meeting new girls in each chapter and eating the best food on campus. PNMs (potential new members) get the chance to get the vibe of each sorority and have some great conversations before rush, helping everyone to get comfortable. While sisters in the sorority always wear matching shirts, PNMs are free to wear whatever they have hiding in their closets. A lot of girls took this opportunity to step out in their cutest pieces.


Courtesy of Lizzie Carter

Denim and chic prints; whats not to love?! Spice it up with chic accessories and you’re set! The star print choker top is so on trend right now. Paired with a bold belt buckle, you’ll feel stylish and fierce. Embroidered bombers should be all the rage because they’re just so cozy and bring so much to the table. A simple outfit goes from plain to fantastic when you throw on something like this. You’re sure to turn heads. Ripped jeans and a plain white tank are also played up with chic chokers and sneakers. A vibe if I’ve ever seen one.


Courtesy of Lizzie Carter

Overalls are so hot right now and very masculine. The best way to turn it flirty and feminine? Simply look for an overall dress! So comfortable for day to day and in a vibrant color, you’ll be the star of the scene. The corduroy material gives extra detailing and the off the shoulder top just plays up two of the chicest trends. Accessorize however you please, but mac bites are the recommended accessory of the season.

Whether you’re a freshman eager to join Greek life or looking for some outfit inspiration, look to the above outfits for some fine fashion. Dressing up can be as easy as pairing a belt up with your jeans or switching to a fun print. Whatever you end up choosing to wear, just accessorize and be yourself, and you’ll work the outfit you put on.