The Must-Have Hat of the Season

By Hannah Blaze

If you’re like me and are constantly checking fashion blogs to see what the latest trends are, you’ve probably noticed a certain hat that seems to be adorning every fashion girl’s head- the baker boy cap. Also known as newsboy caps or fisherman caps, these old-fashioned hats are making a major revival and I am all for it.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

When I first started seeing the hat on fashion bloggers a few months ago, it took me awhile to figure what exactly this hat was, and where you would even go about buying them. Thanks to this trend absolutely exploding, however, there are literally dozens of variations of them on Forever21, Missguided, Amazon (where I got mine), and so many other websites!

The thing I absolutely love about this hat is its versatility. It’s a step up from a casual baseball cap, but you can still wear it with your everyday street wear for some added flair. Style it up with your favorite dress and booties, and you also have a winning number.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

One of my favorite ways to style this hat is with a graphic t-shirt and flare jeans. I paired my jeans and shirt with a pair of brown suede boots and topped it off with the cap. The outfit itself is effortless, but this hat really spices the look up and makes it feel more complete.

Another look I love is pairing this hat with a pair of high waisted denim and a black pleated camisole. I finished the look off with my favorite pair of floral embroidered sneakers that I picked up from a boutique in NYC.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

The baker boy cap is the perfect fall staple piece that will elevate any look you pair it with. I believe this hat will definitely be the accessory of the season, so get your hands on it now while it’s still hot!