How to Stay Fashionably Warm this Fall and Winter

By Abigail Padgett

Fall- the season of comfy sweaters, warm caffeinated drinks and pumpkin patch photos galore. No, in all seriousness, Fall is a glorious season. After the sweltering summer finally comes to an end, the crisp air and vivid colors sometimes feel a little overdue.

As October and the colder weather make their way into Oxford, you may want to think about picking out a warm, yet fashionable coat before the incoming chilly weather hits. I know that sometimes coats can be a little pricey, but don’t worry, you’ll be living in them all winter.

Courtesy of Up Magazine

For those who would rather forgo the dull parkas, here are some cute coats that will get the job done while also making you feel your best.

Courtesy of Zara

If long coats aren’t your thing, then this suede biker jacket is the one for you. It’s simple enough that you can throw it over anything and head to class or uptown and look great with little effort. It will also keep you warm on those chilly days.

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This wool blend duster is great for the cold weather that makes you never want to leave the house. It’s long enough to keep the majority of your body warm, it’s timeless, and the classic style ensures that you can wear it for many winters to come.

Courtesy of Zara

For those who still prefer the feel of a padded, parka-like jacket, this puffer is a playful take on the overworn gray and black colors. If you’re looking to add a dash of color to your outfit or just want to stand out, this bright coat will keep you thinking of warmer days.

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Probably the most daring of all the options is this faux fur coat. It’s great for staying warm during a night out or even for that Insta good pic. The great thing about the current fur coat trend is that they are affordably available and (naturally) super stylish. Wear one and feel like the cool it-girl.

Wherever the cold weather takes you this Fall and Winter, don’t forget to stay warm! Happy hunting!