Mob Fashion

By Tyler Aberle

Rappers and runways. New TV series? I don’t know, you tell me.

Regardless, the loud A$AP Mob is here to make sure that happens, and they’re the ones doing it. All hailing from Harlem, they are damn sure to show the culture that comes with. The crew headed by A$AP Rocky is a group of buddies who grew up together, found a talent in rap, but have always had a passion for fashion.

As the streetwear industry and “Hype Beasts,” whatever that may be, are swamping the industry from top to bottom, the Mob is here to leave their footprint and establish movements in the fashion world from thrift shops to the premier fashion houses.


Courtesy of Instagram


The major players in a group consisting of A$AP Rocky, Ferg, Nast, and Twelvyy. They have been referred to as one of the most influential groups in the fashion world by the likes of Vogue and Rolling Stones. As you might guess, this industry isn’t new to them. Ferg’s father owned a boutique in Harlem, so Ferg printed t-shirts as a kid and sold them to whoever would buy.

In the same light, every single member of this crew has his own label of clothes ranging from athletic to high-fashion pieces (plus a recent tag team with Converse). Speaking of high-fashion, Rocky was the front man for a campaign done by the legendary fashion house of Dior. Long story short, they are well established and here to stay.


Courtesy of Instagram


What they do so effortlessly is take a vintage style, loud prints, and whatever else they are feeling that day and mix it in with their look- instantly creating a movement. Importantly, they have a fan base through social media that is looking to see what they are wearing, what fashion shows they are performing at, and, need-not forget, when their latest albums are dropping.

The craziest part about this whole article is… I haven’t even touched on their music.