A Story of a Book I Read

By Madelyn Hopkins

A couple weeks ago, I made a promise to myself.  I decided that I was going to begin reading books for fun.  I decided to make this commitment, because I, like many others I’m sure, spend way too much time bored on my phone and computer.  I told myself I should start doing something more productive.  So I hopped on Amazon and ordered a couple of books to read, one of them, in particular, was pretty out of my comfort zone.  Feminist Fight Club.

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Courtesy of Feminist Fight Club Instagram

Now before I begin the story about my relationship with this book, I’d like to openly admit that I’ve never been much of a feminist.  Before you gawk and judge me, that’s because the definition I’ve always understood of feminism is not the right one.  I always imagined that to be a feminist you had to go braless, be a huge liberal, cut off your hair, and be rude to men.


So when the book arrived two days later, I apprehensively and eagerly sped through each page.  It mentioned nothing about girls dressing a certain way or affiliating with one political party or being particularly rude to men the way I had imagined.  Instead, the book is all about women supporting women, men supporting women, women supporting women. People giving each other equal respect.

I mean yeah, there are definitely some jokes about boys and real discussions about how there are certain types of people in the world that DO put down women; however, the book was so much more positive than I had ever imagined.

If there’s one thing I got from reading this book, it’s a new opinion on feminism.  I don’t get nervous to say that I am a feminist, just like how NO man or woman should be embarrassed to say that they are, too!  So if you like to read, are bored and looking for a way to kill some time, or just interested in the topic, I would highly recommend giving this book a chance!


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Courtesy of Milly


And if you still don’t think to be a feminist is cool, check out top designer Michelle Smith. Smith, the designer of MILLY, has recently teamed up with Girls Inc. with a platform of empowering young girls and women!