How to Sunday

By Hannah Star

Every college student knows that the Sunday Scaries are very real.. Everyone is tired from the weekend and reminiscing about all the fun they were having, while the daunting week of assignments and early classes awaits. When I’m back home, Sunday’s happen to my favorite day. They are filled with brunch, family time, shopping, and getting into bed early. Ever since the shift from wondrous at home Sundays to at school scary Sundays, I’ve tried to perfect the art of a Sunday. 

I’ve noticed that there are two types of people on a Sunday, those who wake up at the crack of dawn and spend all day at the library, or those who hope to be productive but instead lay around in their pajamas all day. I’ve found that the best Sunday’s are those that have a balance of both.


Courtesy of UP Magazine


10:00am- Wake up! I try to be realistic with myself rather than be angrily woken up by an 8am alarm.

10:30am- Have breakfast or brunch and do something you like- whether that’s watching a show or hanging out with your roommates.

11:30am- This is pretty much my designated time to go to the grocery store. This is a perfect time because it’s not crazy busy and everything has been restocked. Also, there absolutely nothing worse than realizing you have no bread or milk on a Wednesday amidst an insane week and having to fit a grocery trip in your schedule.

12:30pm- I use this time to get my stuff organized and then head to the library or a coffee shop to do homework.

5:30pm- Come home and make or order a tasty dinner that you might not have time for during the week.

8:00pm- I like to end my Sundays listening to my favorite playlist and cleaning my room. Having a clean place to start the week always makes me feel extra motivated and organized.

10:00pm- Finally, I always try to get into bed relatively early and get a good night sleep before the craziness of the week starts.

Of course responsibilities and workloads vary by week, however, I do like to stick to this general outline to stay productive and stress-free. Try this out next Sunday to eliminate the scaries!