Learn to Rock Your Natural Hair

By Claire Vaughn 

Hair is a great accessory. It’s fun to play with as it can really add something to an outfit. In fact, many women depend heavily on their hair to express themselves. Sometimes, we get caught up in doing our hair up that we actually forget to take care of it. 

Between chemicals and heat, our hair tolerates a lot of damage. Especially with colder months ahead, it is easy for hair to become dehydrated and damaged. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to embrace your natural hair and eliminate those harmful products.

Courtesy of UP Magazine Staff

First of all, you have got to cut down on the heat. Heat is never good for your hair. It might make it ok good for a few hours, but that quickly turns into dry, frizzy locks by the next time you shower. It is not worth the damage that it causes in the long run.

An excellent alternative for blow-drying your hair is to let it air dry. You can incorporate an “air-dry” serum. Like the one from Garnier Fructis. It controls frizz and boosts shine so that even air-dried hair can look complete. Another great tip is to avoid the heat in the shower. Now, I know how hard this is, but heat is heat, even if it is coming from water. But, instead of quitting cold turkey, try incorporating a quick burst of chilly water at the end of your shower. This is said to boost silk and shine and even potentially help your hair grow longer and stronger.

Courtesy of UP Magazine Staff

The next thing you can do is invite dry shampoo into your life. Many people use heat to add volume. Instead of this, try investing in dry shampoo. It is inexpensive and so eas- just spray it into your roots, massage it in, and boom, instant glam hair.

 I would recommend the Batiste Brand, which is sold in just about every grocery and/or drug store. They are inexpensive and come in so many different scents! Plus, with dry shampoo, you don’t have to wash your hair as often. This is actually super healthy for your hair, do not wash it every day.  It will lock in moisture and prevent dryness, which prevents frizz.

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Courtesy of UP Magazine Staff

Finally, experiment with cool, heatless hairstyles. Try some fun braids or keep it simple with a messy top-knot. You can’t go wrong with a high ponytail. So have fun with it! Embrace who you are and come to terms with your hair. If you love it so much, don’t harm it. There are great ways to overcome a heat headache.  There’s nothing wrong with being you!