5 Ways to Beat Morning Grogginess

By Meg Scott 

As we move into the colder months, all some of us want to do is stay cozied up in our bed all day, which can be especially difficult for those of us with 8am class here at school…  I will admit I’ve fallen victim to hitting the snooze button and even missing my class once (or twice). Waking up in the morning to get to class is hard enough even without the cold. Luckily I’ve found 5 ways to help us all get motivated and energized for the early mornings ahead.

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1. Drink a tall glass of water:

We all know water is great for us, and although it’s incredibly tempting to reach for our favorite pot of coffee or stop at Starbucks on the way to class, it’s actually a proven fact that water is better for us in the mornings. It will kickstart your metabolism and help you feel energized and more awake quicker.

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2.Take a shower:

While time isn’t always permitting to this tip, if you have room to squeeze a shower in the morning, there are multiple health benefits. A psychology lecturer at Harvard says showering in the morning can help spark creativity. Other experts admit that showering in the morning allows time to regroup before a hectic day. This mindfulness and relaxation state can lead to a decrease in skins inflammation. Basically morning showers are excellent for both your inner and outer self, so if you have the time, take one!


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3.Listen to music

I don’t know about you guys, but the right music can almost always put me in a good mood. Music has been proven to put people in a better mood, lower stress, strengthen and strengthen your memory. Whether you drive or walk to class, it’s always a good idea to plug in your headphones and put on some music to get you in the mood for the day. If you’re looking for a playlist to do just that check out this one of our Spotify  playlist below titled “Morning Revival”

4.Find something to be excited about

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be pretty grumpy and quiet some mornings, as most people might be. As if getting up early wasn’t the most fun thing to do, the idea that we’re doing it to go get lectured at in class can make it way worse. However, if we try to get up with a sunnier disposition that could make all the difference. Although it can be hard, try thinking about something you have to be excited about. Whether that’s something small like feeling good about your outfit that day, or some more significant like getting dinner and going out with friends that night, any happy thought can help.


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5.Take a few deep breaths

This may sound silly, but taking a few moments to breath deeply in the mornings can help you to relax, lower stress, and get more energized. If one of the first things you do when you first wake up is take some deep breaths you’ll automatically feel more calm and clean, which is a great and easy way to start your morning.


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