Halloween How-To Guide

By Madelyn Hopkins

With all of your energy being drained from midterms, it feels like there is just not enough time in the world to prepare a Halloween costume.  Sure, Amazon Prime definitely makes life a lot easier; however, still, deciding what you want to be and finding the perfect outfit takes time (which is something that no college kid really has).

So is being the master of last-minute winging it that I am, I’ve decided to share some tips on how to make a fun Halloween costume with the clothes you already have.

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

Halloween is fun because literally, anything goes.  One of my friends wore all grey last year and called herself a “groutfit,” really the possibilities are limitless.  So I’ve made a list of a couple basic costumes to help get you started if you’re in a costume rut, like so many of us have once found ourselves in.  Here ya go!

  1. Hippie — throw on a knit shirt or crop top, some fun pants, and a headband and call it a day!  You can add as much to the look as you want because anything goes when you’re a ~hippie~.
  2. Basketball (or any sports) player — this one is by far the simplest costume. Wear one of your favorite jerseys or borrow one from a friend, and call yourself a team player!  If you do get a chance to run to the store, grab a little baseball bat or some sweatbands to complete your look.
  3. Robot — metallics and more metallics.  Use tinfoil to make little antennae and dance like a robot alllll night loongggg. beep boop.
  4. Teachers Pet — grab some kind of animal ears and wear (or borrow) an old school uniform.  This one’s a fun play on words and different from the typical school girl outfit.
  5. Mummy — Grab an oversized white tee and get it all dirty to create a worn, mummy look. Then wrap yourself in some TP!! This costume is fun and unique.  Add more to it by putting face paint to look mummified.
Courtesy of Maggie Clemens

And remember, Halloween is meant for fun, weird, silly costumes, so don’t be afraid to diverge from the norm! Go all out and have fun with it!