How to Clean Your Go-To Frat Shoe

By Lizzie Carter

You know the pair. Your go-to shoe that will take you from gross, sticky frat floors to outdoor hay ridden dartys. We all have a pair to dress up for the night but can transform to a perfect day shoe. Most likely, they’re  Superstars, Nike’s, Converse, Supergas, or any other white sneaker that you don’t mind if you trash because hey, they take you from point A to point B and go with everything.

But it’s getting to that point in the semester where they might be going from gently worn to “did you take those out of a dumpster.” But with these quick tips, you can upgrade your white sneaks from dirty to squeaky clean.

Courtesy of Karley Eckhoff

If your shoes aren’t too well worn and you’re merely annoyed with the general scuffs that have accumulated on the surface of your sneakers, an Arm and Hammer Magic Eraser will do the job entirely. Just buy one and scrub! No water, no soap, no mess. This secretly magical little tool will get rid of any scuffs present on the surface of the rubber or cloth on your shoes.

Courtesy of Karley Eckhoff

Now if you’re like me and you happen to have mysterious stains and general dirt covering everywhere from your laces to the rubber sole, then you might just need to rely on washing them. But first, a good scrub to get off all the grime. Gather up some dish soap or detergent, warm water, and a scrub brush, and then muster up a little bit of strength to get these babies prepped for the washing process. Scrubbing the sneakers can get out some tiny stains so that they aren’t entirely disgusting by the time you have to wash them. Grass stains, dust, and dirt will probably come out during this quick scrub.

Next, and my personal favorite random way to clean anything, stick them in the dishwasher. Yep, you read that correctly; the dishwasher. Simply remove the laces from your dirty sneakers, place them upside down on the top level and set for one wash cycle. After they’ve gone through a good wash, set them out to air dry. They’ll be as good as new!

So the next time you walk through the mud or someone spills a drink on your pristine white sneakers, do not fret. All that grime can come off quickly- at minimum an hour! Now go out into the world and prance in your sparkling white shoes.