About this Whole Winter Thing…

By Lizzie Carter

….it’s getting a little out of hand. The weather here in Oxford is just as temperamental as a Friday night Uber pool. You’ll walk to class when it’s 30 degrees and walk out an hour later to 65 and sunny skies.

The key to handling this crazy forecast is layers. While wearing a cardigan, a jacket, and cold weather accessories can be an annoying amount of items to carry, it may save you from being subject to either weather extremity.

Courtesy of Shopbop


A perfect entrance into the world of cold weather accessories is a simple blanket scarf. It can be fully wrapped around your body, almost like a cape, for full coverage warmth. Or, just draped around your neck for a little interest and it won’t overheat you, like wearing a full coat would.

Blanket scarves are a better alternative to typical length scarves purely because of the amount of depth it adds to an outfit. Doubled, wrapped around the neck, or shoulders, you should be comfy cozy with an item you can quickly take off if this global warming gets the best of you.


Courtesy of Forever 21

A turtleneck is also a go-to choice of mine. While this warm weather wear is more meant for days that could reach high of 50’s, the cozy sweater could be perfect with some holy, ripped jeans to balance out. The difference in skin shown will keep you breezy down below and bundled up top, creating the ideal internal temperature.

Courtesy of Fran Acciardo


An unconventional, but always a stylish option: the beret. I stand by this fashion staple, regardless of what multiple people say about hats ruining their hair. It keeps your ears warm, and your outfit chic with a little bit of flare that you can bet not everyone on campus will be rocking.

When thinking about your outfit on a cold 20-degree morning, I recommend you think a little more about what you can layer and take off before you get dressed. Some of these cold weather staples could save your style and internal temperature some unnecessary stress.