Daring Denim

By Claire Vaughn 

Denim has been a fashion staple for quite a long time now. Jeans are a great go-to for any look in any season of the year. You can’t go wrong incorporating denim into your everyday wardrobe.

Courtesy of UP Fashion Magazine Staff

Jeans are great because while they never go out of style, there are variations that become trendy. While jeans are the most common form of denim, there are other forms, as well. These include denim jackets, skirts, overalls.

Courtesy of UP Fashion Magazine Staff

Jeans come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s what we love about them! There are bell bottom, bootleg, skinny, jegging, acid wash, Capri, you name it, they make it. More than this, there are so many colors, too. While variations of blue are the most common, jeans come in just about every color. Black, gray, and olive tones have been very prevalent over the last few years. They are uniquely appropriate for Fall.


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Jean jackets are very appropriate for the colder months, as well. When layered, they are comfortable and warm. They provide warmth without bulk, which is excellent. Personally, I like jean jackets paired with leggings. I think it looks like a super casual look. You look put together without trying so hard. However, it is definitely possible to pair a denim jacket with jeans. This has been done before and can be pulled off very nicely. Generally, though, I do suggest the two types of denim are different colors or shades. This way, you’re not too matchy-matchy, and the outfit still looks super chic.

Jeans are also super functional. They are great to wear to class, uptown, even to work, in some cases. There are definitely professional-style jeans that exist. They are so versatile in that they can be paired with anything and dressed up or down. Wearing jeans with a t-shirt and flannel is just as acceptable as wearing them with a button-down polo. Likewise, boots and sandals can look equally as trendy.

Courtesy of UP Fashion Magazine Staff

Remember that jeans don’t have to be boring! Adding some character is encouraged! Buying or adding your own patches, distress, paint, embroidery, etc., will add some fun flair to a classic pair of jeans.

Also, note that your love for denim does not have to stop at jeans! There are denim overalls and jackets and more to experiment with. Classic does not have to mean boring. And denim does not have to mean dull!