Oxford’s Best Halloween Costumes

By Bella Douglas and Kaylee Spahr

We hope you all have fully recovered from this year’s Halloweekend festivities. We may have ruined four pairs of shoes between in one weekend, but we managed to survive with our dignity intact.

That being said, we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to Oxford’s second favorite holiday (shoutout to GBD!). In no particular order, we bring you 2017’s best costumes from the four most festive days in Oxford.


Courtesy of Adriana Wilcoxon

With her belt to her hoop earrings, Adriana was the spitting image of J.Lo circa 2001. It’s obvious that no detail was overlooked in this flirty throwback costume.

Courtesy of Maggie Strasser

When we first saw Maggie this weekend, we mayyy have thought that Post Malone was making a surprise appearance in Oxford. Her costume was that spot on. Maggie’s eyebrows and dirty sneakers take this look to the next level.

Courtesy of Sierra Semko, Caroline Adams, Lucy Fox, Elise Semko

The makeup is what makes this squad’s look. By wearing more subdued outfits, these girls really allowed their eye-catching makeup to speak for itself.

Courtesy of Drew Musser, Thatcher Creber

This one is just plain hilarious. Drew and Thatcher’s ketchup and (spicy) mustard duo made us just the right amount of uncomfortable.

Fruit Ninja.png
Courtesy of Sammy Carlson, Sarah Ruh

Sammy and Sarah put a fun spin on everyone’s favorite middle school game, Fruit Ninja. Not sure what the best part is — the actual cut up fruit or the awesome swords? You decide.

Gold Digger.jpg
Courtesy of Madison Simmons

In the words of Kanye West, “now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger”… But this time, she actually is! Madison channeled this classic banger with a statement gold set, leopard coat, and pinky ring.

Courtesy of Ellie LaBarr

Let’s admit it — we’ve all wished we were a pop star at one point in our lives. Ellie was a full-on diva this Halloween while rocking a classic pop star look. Her accessories were everything. The microphone headpiece, pink highlights, and fishnet gloves made this costume complete.

Courtesy of Courtney Davis, Ireland Adgate, Corby Wolfe and Molly Riebau

Funky patterns, bright colors and go-go boots. Whats not to love about the 70s? These girls were spot on in representing the grooviest decade yet.

Courtesy of Adrian Awuah, Jay Jones

Adrian and Jay took us back to the basketball craze of the early ’90s with their homage to Sidney and Billy in White Man Can’t Jump. As Sidney would say, “You see Billy it’s like this, you either smoke or get smoked.”

Courtesy of Julia Trevorrow

From her wrapped two-piece to her hair and makeup, Julia killed this mummy look. Her glowing red eyes reflected pure evil — especially in contrast to Pink Lady Olivia.