Rainy Days in Oxford

By Abby Malone

We have all experienced these types of days: rainy, dreary, and all around just sad. Finding the motivation is hard. However, rainy days don’t have to be uneventful! I asked my friends for their favorite rainy day activity to do in Oxford. Grab your friends and do one of the activities mentioned below to brighten a dreary day!

Courtesy of Abby Malone

1.) Coffee day in Kofenya. Kofenya is the perfect place to stay dry during the rainy day. Order a latte and apple streusel muffin and bring your homework to do in their comfy couches for a productive (and delicious!) rainy day. If you want to take a quick little day trip, drive about 20 minutes to True West in Hamilton for equally good coffee in a super cute setting.

2.) Pottery making at You’re Fired. You’re Fired is super cute and a great way to spend an afternoon. Make a sweet mug for yourself or for someone else in your life and grab a dinner after (Quarter Barrel anyone?)

3.) Cookie party! Most dorms have a kitchen so ask an RA for cooking supplies and pick up all the needed ingredients in the markets around campus. After they’re out of the oven, put on a chick flick and get cozy in sweats with tons of blankets.

4.) Reading a good book. In college, we never seem to have time to read for fun, so why not take the next rainy day as an excuse to finally finish that novel you started a month ago! Get comfy and turn on some twinkly lights for added chill-ness.

To inspire you even more, here are a few rainy day tunes to play in the background during any of mentioned activities:

Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson

Lost- Frank Ocean

Sunday Morning- Maroon 5

Pretty Girl From Michigan- The Avett Brothers

Lucky- Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Whispers in the Dark- Mumford & Sons

Hope this inspired you for your next rainy day!