Rules To Style – Tom Ford Edition

By Tyler Aberle

You’re not into fashion? Great. You still want to look good? I got you.

MR PORTER is a YouTube page and destination for any style needs a man can run into. Whether you’re looking for some tips or advice, or you want your boyfriend to finally look like a gentleman, you found the right place.

In MR PORTER’s latest video he goes through the basics with the God himself, the one and only: Tom Ford.

Courtesy of Instagram

Now whether you are familiar or if you have no idea who I’m talking about, all you need to know is that he knows what he’s talking about. With Ford’s illustrious suits and his impact as the creative director at Gucci, he is one of the most sought-after designers of our time. He has a unique and classic passion for men’s fashion- putting his mark on everything that any man needs to dress like a gentleman (which you can get for a pretty penny).

In this video, he goes through his personal rules of style for the basics that every man needs. He understands that your Average Joe, hell even a relatively successful person, cannot attain his brand, so he gives these comments in a broad sense that you can take and make your own. This video isn’t made to make you change up your wardrobe, and if you’re just starting, pay attention. It’s a quick step-by-step to the foundation of a gentleman’s wardrobe: poplin white shirts, dark suits that inspire confidence, fragrance, and a hint of casual as well.

Enjoy, relax, look good.