How to: Stay Sane With a Finals Focused Brain

By Gabriella Dini

With finals approaching sooner than you think, it’s important to make sure you are prepared and ready to tackle your exams! Here are some tips to stay organized to keep you calm, cool, and collected during this crazy next month.

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1. Write it down! 

Planning out your finals week is necessary. Grab a planner, notebook, laptop, and write down all of the days and times for your exams. It’s also important you block out specific times leading up to the exams that you can use for studying. If you write it down, then you will be more likely to follow through with it, rather than just playing it by ear.

2. Make a checklist

Being able to check things off of a list makes me feel like the most accomplished person on this planet. It’s crucial you set goals, by writing them down, and can cross things out! It will make you feel accomplished, productive, and even more motivated to achieve a goal. Creating a checklist also keeps you focused. 

3. Treat yourself

In the sometimes overwhelming midst of studying, it’s essential to set times for breaks. If you overwork yourself, you may end up crashing. Try the reward system! For example, two hours of studying equals one episode of Netflix OR once you finish studying for a class go out and do something fun! It’s helpful if you have something to work for. Try Insomnia Cookies, or some ice cream to keep you powering through! Keeping yourself on a tight homework schedule may lead you to stress and over exhaustion. Which leads me to my next tip…

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Oh, the most prized possession’s of them all…

As for the reward system, naps are allowed too. Planning, checklists, studying, it’s exhausting!! I’m not saying take a nice five-hour nap during the day but try resting your eyes in between subjects. Power naps are key! They allow us to reset and refresh.

5. Exercise

Being cramped up in a study room or at the library all day can get very boring very fast. Going for a nice walk, run, or even stepping outside for a little fresh air can help clear the mind.

6. Take Saturday off

Allow yourself a day to relax. It seems as if there is always something to do. It is so important to give yourself a day off. Put your backpack away, and pick a day to do nothing. As college students, we are always running around, give yourself a day to rest and relax.
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