Ballin’ on a Budget

By Hannah Star

It can be hard sometimes being a student but also trying to stay on trend and stylish. I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic, so I often struggle with buying too much, or trying to find affordable places to shop. I recently found out that many of the stores I have been shopping at for years offer student discounts, which has come in handy when I’m looking for new outfits. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 11.28.13 PM.png
Courtesy of Hungry Shopper

Although these discounts are small, with all of the costs of being a student, every little bit helps. Here are ten, great stores that offer student discounts. Most of these discounts can apply for in-store and online purchases, but some require some form of registration to prove your student status.

Stores with 10% off:

  1. Topshop
  2. ASOS
  3. Steve Madden
  4. Goodwill
  5. Forever 21

Stores with 15% off:

  1. Madewell
  2. J.Crew
  3. Levi’s

Stores with 20% off:

  1. Club Monaco
  2. Necessary Clothing (on purchases of 100$ or more)

Your student ID is now good for more than just eating at the dining halls- be sure to bring it with you on your next trip to the mall or online shopping spree!