Campus Entrepreneurs: Mind of Mada

By Lizzie Carter

College. Is. Hard. Maintaining a competitive GPA, figuring out what you want to do with your life, keeping up appearances, stable and regularly updated social media platforms are all things that we struggle with. Having your own small business and lifestyle blog along with that? A true act of bravery. One Miami student is proving that you can do it all and make super cute jewelry all at the same time.

Mind of Mada is a website and jewelry business started by Madelyn Hopkins, a sophomore here at Miami University. Her designs range anywhere from chic silver chokers to high fashion tassel earrings. Every item Madelyn makes is on sale on her website, which also doubles as a lifestyle blog full of awesome updates on everything from current fashions to her favorite beach reads.

Courtesy of  Mind of Mada

The blog, linked here, has content that is great for the everyday college girl to read up on. From trends or outfits, Madelyn gives a peek into her life, everything that comes out in the blog posts is a must read.

Courtesy of Mind of Mada Facebook

Besides from her writing, Madelyn’s talent of jewelry making is featured for sale on her blog. The designs are fresh, new pieces that can be a statement or add some subtle detail to an already rocking outfit. The prices of items range anywhere from $10 to $35. For that price, they are all affordable buys for the average gal in must have beautiful designs.

Courtesy of Mind of Mada Facebook

So the next time you need a little inspiration, stop on over to read some of Madelyn’s beautifully written blog posts. Need a quick accessory update? Madelyn’s jewelry is always for sale, order with a simple, direct message to her and which items you would like, and you’re golden! You can’t go wrong by picking any of them. Madelyn’s young career in writing and designs is truly inspiring.