Save Your Skin: Colder Weather Edition

By Lizzie Carter

Skin is the largest organ found in the body, so why do so many people diminish skincare to be a frivolous act? Preparing my skincare routine this morning in the communal dorm bathroom, I got stares as I removed my overnight mask and equipped my face to be coated in serum. Taking care of your skin demands many steps, especially with the change of weather. So whether you believe this to be frivolous or not, these next few necessities suggested below may save your skin from a lifetime of dryness, acne, wrinkles…

Courtesy of Into the Gloss

Step 1: Cleansing the skin is something basic everyone does, but sometimes this can be too drying in the winter months. This is because of the soap in the cleanser, it sucks moisture and oil out of the skin in an attempt to combat oiliness. So rather than cleansing with cleaner every day, I suggest moistening and wiping the skin down with micellar water. It washes and decreases bacteria on the surface of the skin without using harsh soaps and chemicals. A moist cotton pad coated in the water, which can be found at virtually every drug store, is all you need to start your day off fresh.

Step 2: The major process I recommend you do only 3 or 4 times a week that will save you from some severe flaky skin: Exfoliate. Using a physical exfoliate, with sand, beads, etc. will help decrease all the extra bit of dry skin floating all around the edges of your face. This also will increase a glow and brightness of the skin by removing the dull skin. Doing this only a few times a week will save your skin from being overworked and breaking out.

Step 3: Probably most important skin product I recommend is moisturizer! Key, key, key. Your skin will thank you today, tomorrow, and in 40 years, if you actively use moisturizer. Back to the skin being the biggest organ on your body, the way you feed and take care of it is through hydration. Skin thrives off of being hydrated and can easily replenish and regrow. A deep moisturizer at night and a light one for morning/throughout the day will help your skin to actively stay bright and bouncy.

Step 4: One or two times a week, you should try out a hydrating sheet or gel mask. The difference between a mask like this, a clay mask, or a chemical type mask is that it works to deeply moisturize the skin. Bringing back some bounce to the skin is the goal with a sheet mask because it just sits on the face for 15-20 minutes, allowing your skin to soak up as much moisture as possible. This will also relax your skin from it being exposed to the chill outdoors, which can dry out skin easily.

With all that info thrown at you, I hope you don’t feel intimidated. Having a skin care regimen/routine can be simple and now that you know your winter skin necessities, I’m sure your skin will prosper from here on out.