Taylor Giving Herself A New Reputation

By Meg Scott 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months, you’d know that a certain someone has been releasing new tracks periodically and just the other day gifted us with an entirely new album… yes I’m talking Taylor Swift.


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As one of the best-known names in music, Taylor Swift just released her new album, Reputation and it is perhaps her darkest yet. Although it might be up for debate, in my opinion, Taylor Swift is one of the best lyrical writers and a genius when it comes to “subtly” dropping hints to her exes and enemies. If you’ve been a part of Taylor Swift’s life, chances are there’s a song written about you… especially if you’ve crossed her.

After being off the radar for basically all of 2017, she’s finally given us a glimpse into what has been going on for the past year in her life.

She always goes the extra mile when it comes to connecting with her fans. When people bought her physical album in stores they also received a letter from Taylor herself that included the quote, “We think we know someone, but the truth is that we only know the version of them that they have chosen to show us.”

This makes you wonder what version of Taylor we’ve been getting all these years, and if the one in “Reputation” is any closer to who she really is. Just another fan hoping to figure that out, here’s a simple breakdown of the tracklist:

  1. “Ready For It?” – One of the album’s first released singles, also one of the first signs that Taylor’s album would take a whole new electronic sound. With drama-filled references, the song itself seems to be about a secret relationship.
  2. “End-Game” (featuring Ed Sheeran & Future) – One of my personal favorites… this song is all about Taylor’s plea to a lover, who like her, seems to have quite the reputation. But it appears in this song Taylor isn’t into the usual games, she just wants to be his one and only. Plus come on… Ed Sheeran & Future? Yes, please.
  3. “I Did Something Bad”- Perhaps the boldest song on the entire album, this song is darker, has more of a techno sound, and is 100% unapologetic Taylor smiling down at her haters with her head high.
  4. “Don’t Blame Me”- Taylor has often gotten the reputation of being someone crazy for love, and this song is a nod to that and the fact that that might be ok. One of the coolest beats on the album, this song brings in very airy, atmospheric pop and gospel sounds.
  5. “Delicate”- Bringing on the feelings you get with a new crush, the name of the song says it all. A lighter take on an electronic melody, Taylor sings about the nervous, uncertain emotions of having strong feelings for someone and touches on personal aspects of a relationship like meeting up at a dive bar and hanging out in her apartment.
  6. “Look What You Made Me Do”- The O.G for this new era of Taylor, this completely re-invented what we were to expect since the old Taylor is well… dead.
  7. “So It Goes”- Now back to the romantics, this track is about a new love interest that’s so intense everything else fades awhile while they’re together, maybe even including Taylor’s assumed “good girl” reputation.
  8. “Gorgeous”- This track already wins because it features Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold’s baby, James. After that opening, the song itself is very upbeat and catchy, telling of that situation we’ve all been in…you know the one where you’re super attracted to someone… yeah.
  9. “Getaway Car”- This song is theatrical and glamorous, telling the story of two lovers escaping on an adventure that was doomed from the start. Also, this track is filled with tons of metaphorical references (told you she’s a lyrical genius).
  10. “King of My Heart”- A fun, auto-tuned track about more of what Taylor does best: romance. Basically, it’s about thinking you were happiest being alone until someone comes along and changes everything.
  11. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”- A slightly more depressing song about being in a relationship you know won’t last, but hey, you dance anyway.
  12. “Dress”- One of the more mature songs on the album… if you know what I mean. This track is heated and sensual about that moment when you want someone as wayy more than just a friend.
  13. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”- Speculated to be about Kanye West, this track starts out describing a glitzy lifestyle only to have someone rain on Taylor’s parade. The attitude and beat of this song make it super fun to sing along to.
  14. “Call It What You Want”- An airy track that seems to be an ode to her new boyfriend, seemingly who came into her life just when she needed him and made everything better.
  15. “New Year’s Day”- The acoustic piano track we’ve all been waiting for. This romantic, sweet song paints pictures for us of the feeling we get wanting to be with someone even after all the glitz and glamour is gone

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