Boot Appreciation Post

By Claire Vaughn 

It’s Fall, and you know what means- boots! Boots are a fall/winter staple. It’s nearly impossible to get through the season without throwing on some form of these babies. We love boots and here’s why you should, too!

1. They’re Functional

There is a reason why boots are super popular in the colder months. They literally keep you warmer! Generally, boots are made to be warmer, with built-in insulation. You can even get thigh-highs that will add much-needed warmth to a night-out look.

2. They’re Comfy

Sure, there are plenty of booties out there that are basically winterized heels. But they aren’t all this way. Even the knee-high brown boots can be very comfortable. Especially if you put boot socks on them. They not only keep you warm but cozy, too.

3. They’re Trendy

As with anything else, you can get so many different types of boots. This means that you could get the perfect shade of olive green to match your dress, or pink velvet booties to spice up an outfit. You can’t go wrong playing around with boots and booties for the chillier months

Boots are the perfect accessory for those fall to winter months. They’re great because they are not only warm but can additionally be accessorized themselves. By adding some sweater socks or leg warmers, you have instantly made a statement. They are great for casual or fancy outfits and can be worn night or day. 

Boots and booties are a fall staple, and we hope you love them as much as we do!