Inner Doodlebob

By Madelyn Hopkins

College is stressful, no matter what type of person you are.  For someone like me who stresses out VERY easily, it’s vital to have easy and efficient coping methods.  Little things that you can plan your day to ~take the edge off.  But actually, it’s important to know yourself and know what keeps you sane.

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

As a creative person, I’ve always found art to be soothing.  Whether it be going to a museum for the day or sitting down and doodling for an hour, art has helped me cope with the crazy things happening in my life.  When I started college, I didn’t have the smoothest transition and wasn’t sure how to cope.  I wasn’t in Cleveland anymore, and things like a trip to the museum weren’t as possible anymore. I turned to doodling as my stress outlet.

You can go in so many different directions with doodling, it doesn’t have to look professional.  Sometimes, my favorite doodles have been done with a pencil and piece of notebook paper.  You don’t need high-tech supplies to create something unique.

Doodling is something that can be thoughtlessly done or full-body consuming.  You can use either doodle while watching a movie or doodle alone at a desk for hours on end.  Depending on my mood (and my stress level), I fluctuate between both; however, it always relaxes me.  Seeing your little piece of work progress is so satisfying and often soothing.  Sometimes, I create a ton of mini doodles all with a common theme, like pictured above, and other times I’ll just write out my name in block letters and color it in with a cool design.

There really is no end to doodling.  You can work on a piece for a couple minutes, hours, even days.  Some of them may end up looking a little rough; whereas, others could turn out frame-worthy.  I recommend that if you’re ever feeling stressed out or bored, grab a piece of paper and see where your mind takes you!  You don’t need to share them with anyone, so don’t feel embarrassed if it doesn’t turn out looking like a Picasso.  But you’d be surprised how it helps calm you down when your mind is running at 1000 miles a minute!