As the Temperatures Get Colder, the Jackets Get Bolder

By Kaylee Spahr

Oxford, Ohio winters and I have what you would call a “love-hate relationship.” I love being able to break out my warm chunky sweaters and cute fluff ball hats but absolutely hate ruining a cute outfit with my long black parka. However this fall/winter season things have started looking up for parka haters like me with all the wondrous statement jackets currently on trend. Whether it be leather, faux fur, bomber or denim, I’ve been seeing all kinds of killer jackets around Oxford and when shopping this season. I’ve started thinking, why should I let the cold weather hold me back when it comes to fashion? Which is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite jacket trends below:


The Fuzzy Jacket

This style of jacket offers the ultimate duo of both style and warmth this winter season. As you can see from the picture above, they don’t take much to style. Just wear it with your favorite V-neck or thermal tee, and you instantly have a stylish outfit perfect for those cold weather darties.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

The Bomber Jacket 

Pink Sequins, also known as, the best addition I’ve ever seen to your classic bomber jacket yet. Finding pieces like this are the best way to show your individuality this winter season. If pink and sequins aren’t your thing look for a more traditional bomber jacket in black or army green to still give your outfit style and warmth.

Courtesy of Courtney Davis

The Denim Jacket

Everyone has a denim jacket nowadays but if you’re looking for that piece to really make you stand out custom denim is the way to go. Check out Miami sophomore Ireland Adgate’s Instagram page @madddenim for awesome jackets like the two above or DM her for your own custom order!

Courtesy of UP Magazine

The Faux Fur Jacket

I think it should be a requirement that anytime someone wears this style jacket that “Bad and Boujee” be played in the background. This style coat will have you looking like a bold girl boss in seconds which is perfect for a cold night out here in Oxford.

Don’t let the cold temperatures hold you back! Add jackets like these to your wardrobe, and you’ll be the trendiest and warmest girl out there this winter season!