Fall Nail Polish You Should Be Wearing According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Megan Stapleton

Whether or not your stars are aligned this season, at least your nails can look nice. This can be time to finally ace your exams or catch up on a Netflix show. No matter what your moves are this fall, there’s always a beauty option to accompany them. Here’s what’s in store this season for a few zodiac signs and how to match them with a nail polish.

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Courtesy of Rachael Steed


This fall its all about the deep red. Aries is getting deeply emotional, deeply satisfying and deeply sexy encounters. Nothing says passion, sex, and power like a dark red.

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Courtesy of Nars


Scorpio’s are about to reinvent themselves this fall. Looking fabulous as ever, they need a color that represents a fresh approach and bold moves. This glittery silver makes a statement that says “I’m here” to the world.

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Courtesy of Instyle


Capricorns have busy schedules. They’ll be putting in tons of face time this holiday season, so a shimmery metallic polish add just enough pop for them to stand out.

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Courtesy of Essie
Aquarians are about to accomplish a lot this winter in terms of career. They will need a dark bold color to look professional. Boardroom-ready navy blue is the perfect pick for them.
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Courtesy of Instyle