Let’s Get Weird

By Vivian Drury

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Every year, the women of New York leave behind the past and look forward to the future . . . this is known as Fashion Week.” Millions of people watch in awe as art worthy of hanging on museum walls struts across their line of vision. Bulbs flash in the dim room, their light attempting to capture the fabric of the dresses as it flows across the slick runway, lenses and eyes widening in complete amazement.

As beautiful and glamorous as runway fashion is, it can be just as intimidating and overwhelming. In today’s world, even with trends being as limitless as they now are, wearing runway fashions every day is shied away from and the thought of, “Can I really pull this off?” lingers in the back of our minds far too often.

“There is this notion that runway fashion only belongs on models and that its weird, twisted sense of beauty is too out-there for daily life,” said merchandising intern Lane Allen. Allen works for New York fashion designer and company, Lela Rose. “Yet when that beauty is translated onto the streets and it is seen by not only an audience of a show, but of reality, that is the real meaning of fashion.”

One of the elements that makes runway fashion so captivating is its shock factor and limitless opportunity. In the spring of 1999, Alexander McQueen put on a show that Vogue claimed “wasn’t a fashion show. It was a performance of art.” It was the first use of stiff exaggerated collars, sheer button-downs and played with sensuality in such a light, yet daring way. This collection is just one of the many that define modern fashion. One might ask, “how did he pull it off?” By utilizing the runway as his own personal platform to debate and display beauty. Why are we so afraid to do the same, even when these designers prove year after year there is no right and wrong way to do so?

Couture is no longer just to be seen at fashion weeks across the globe. Now is the time for high fashion to take over High Street and beyond. This is our time. Let’s get weird, ladies and gentlemen.

Looking for a place to start? UP has you covered. So sit back, kick up your Louboutins and read over these tips on how you can wear the looks from the 2017 runways to Oxford’s own brick-paved streets:

Feelin’ Fringe-y: Fringe is one of the hottest trends, filling up the pages in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and every style blog on the web. The best part about it is it comes in so many forms. It is found on jean hems, boots, jackets, handbags and more. Fringe is and can be anywhere. You can also do it yourself! Grab a pair of fabric scissors, an old T-shirt, make a few snips and fray some fabric to personalize your style.

From Head to Toe: Nothing says couture like a statement headwear piece. Giorgio Armani, Maison Margiela and many other designers finished off their fall collections with stunning hats. Even if it means experimenting with headscarves, play around with headwear to step up your style game.

The Smoke Effect: Fire up the streets with the updated smokey eye. Smokey eyes are no longer just layers of black eyeshadow. They are now all popping up in all sorts of colors, like magenta, turquoise and mustard. Mix up all sorts of colors on your palette along with bold eyeliner and mascara colors.

Belt It Out: Christian Dior’s fall collection features thin high-waisted snakeskin belts worn on the outside of clothing. It is such a simple, delicate touch but really styles up the outfit. Metallics are also in, so a thin metallic belt would work perfectly.

Go Bold: It may be fall, but we are not skimping out on colors or patterns this season. Color filled the runway, in all sorts of crazy patterns and unique pairings. From rose velvet to violet faux fur to metallic leather, don’t hold back.

2017 is the time to be stared at as you walk down the street. Dare to be talked about. It doesn’t matter if people say, “Wow, that’s amazing” or “Wow, that’s weird as hell.” They’re talking, and you’re not even saying a word.

From UP’s 2017 Fall Magazine, Unconventional