How to Be: Unconventional, Eccentric​ & UPbeat

By Megan Stapleton

In Oxford, we go to a school where the buildings look the same, people dress the same, and there are limited bars to go out to. Its hard to find inspiration in a place that looks so similar. Being unconventional in fashion terms means clashing colors and fabrics together. Over the top embellishments and fabrics. Bringing designs that are both gawky and unique. Clothing that would shock the industry observer or even your closest friend.

I’m not telling you to dress over the top for class but try wearing something that you might not usually wear for a night out with friends. Style disaster? No, from New York to London a change has given rise to the trend of unconventional fashion. To bring together our release of our issue tomorrow here are some ideas for unconventional pieces to give a go.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 2.52.11 PM
Courtesy of Up Magazine 

Bring together your brightest leggings with a comfy long sleeve that adds a pop of color. Next, pick your favorite pair of sneakers, and you have made yourself stand out from the crowd.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 2.43.20 PM
Courtesy of UP Magazine

Going out? Grab a pair of cigarette pants with frill and pair it with any bralette. To finish the look off make your makeup a little more edgy than normal.

Be unconventional this weekend!