How To Flirt- Miami Edition Pt. 2

By Hannah Star

Here we are again with another edition displaying how romantic and charming Miami men can be. After the success of the last edition, I asked you guys, friends, and friends of friends to email me with their best late night (most of the time) conversations with “perspective” men. As you will be able to see in these texts, not much has changed.

We are still seeing the directness and blunt nature of Miami men when it comes to talking to girls. I hope you enjoy reading these conversations, I know I did.



After this second round of research, I’ve to a few conclusions on how to avoid texts of this nature.

  • Texts past 1 a.m. seem to only be going in one direction. (You might not be the only one receiving texts from this guy, either)
  • Guys will pretty much say anything for a late night hang with you, don’t fall for it.
  • If he texts in the morning to apologize, you may be able to give him a second chance- just not a third or fourth.
  • If you’ve never even met the dude- delete. his. number.


I know I would, and the rest of the readers would love to keep getting an inside look at these conversations. Think of this as a PSA to help Miami women avoid these players. If you have anything that you think would work for this series, please email Can’t wait to read your submissions!