Everything You Need to Know About The VSFS

By Hannah Blaze

This time of the year is my favorite for many reasons, you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, a beautiful (and most certainly needed) break from school, and- The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 11.34.22 PM
Romee Strijd & Karlie Kloss via Instagram

I have been obsessed with watching the VSFS since middle school, and every year it seems to get bigger and better.  Most often, the show takes place in New York, but every once in awhile they decide to switch it up and choose a more enthralling location. The last show abroad was held in Paris, and this year, Victoria’s Secret has decided to choose Shanghai, China, as their destination venue of choice. Although it seemed like a great idea at the start, choosing this location has led to numerous unforeseen issues.

If you keep up with any fashion media outlets, you may have seen that several of the models cast were unable to enter the country due to troubles obtaining a work visa. One of the most notable models being Gigi Hadid. Although nothing has been confirmed, speculators believe she has been denied a visa due to accusations of ‘racist behavior towards Chinese culture’ in a video her sister, Bella, posted back at the beginning of the year. There was a great deal of immediate backlash, and the video was quickly removed.

Gigi made this statement about the show on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.50.51 PM
Gigi via Twitter

Although her performance had been unconfirmed from the start, rumors that Katy Perry was denied a visa and actually banned from the country are also circulating. The apparent reason behind her denied entry is due to a specific dress she wore while performing in the country a few years back.  Her dress had daisy embellishments on it, and apparently, daisies are a symbol used by ‘anti-China’ protesters.

Other models denied visas were mainly from Russia, including Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva, and Irina Sharipova, as well as Dasha Khlystun from Ukraine. No one knows the exacts as to why they were denied, but some speculate it may have to do with an occurrence that happened back in October where a 14-year-old Russian model died during Shanghai Fashion Week. Although her death is still being investigated, many believe it was due to being overworked.

It has also been confirmed that tragically, this will be Alessandra Ambrosio’s final show with Victoria’s Secret. She has been with the company for 17 years and has truly become an iconic face of the brand. Luckily, they have chosen Alessandra to close the show and make her last walk one to remember. I am hoping they do something special to celebrate her career on the television special as well.

Despite all of these issues, I am sure Victoria’s Secret will put on a show to remember, as they always do. I am most notably excited for Candice Swanepoel’s return (she missed out on last year’s show due to her pregnancy), Karlie Kloss’s return after her three-year hiatus, Lais Ribeiro rocking her 2 million dollar fantasy bra, the VS collab with Balmain, and of course, Harry Styles performing!!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 11.32.12 PM
Lais in the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra via Instagram

The actual fashion show took place yesterday, Monday the 20th, and I am sure you saw plenty of photo’s circulating social media. The show will be broadcasted November 28th at 10PM on CBS!