Surviving the Cold

By Madelyn Hopkins

Ohio winters can be pretty horrible.  There is nothing worse than walking to class in 20-degree weather.  Gloves and a hat can only do so much in these conditions.  It’s best to be prepared, so I’ve compiled the Top 5 Tips I have for Surviving the Cold.  Here they are:

  1. Invest in a good coat: a warm coat that doesn’t make you look like the Michelin Man is essential in the winter.   Find one that you can wear to class or also a party.

    Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins
  2. Grab a couple hats: hats and scarves don’t have to be derpy.  Linda Richards Luxury and Love Your Melon create cute, funky hats that are fun for all occasions.

    Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins
  3.  Don’t be afraid to layer.  Layering is a lifesaver in the winter, especially when you’re jumping from one activity to another.  A coat and sweater might be perfect for walking to class, but throw on a short sleeve shirt underneath so that you don’t sweat buckets once you’re actually IN the class.
  4. Find sturdy boots:  Over the knee boots are cute, but invest in a waterproof pair that will keep your feet dry.  This’ll save you long-term and could even prevent you from getting sick!
  5. Buy glove and feet warmers: okay, I get you’re not preparing for a middle school ski trip; however, glove or feet warmers make SUCH a difference.  Throw some on when walking to class, they honestly cannot hurt!

Prioritize your warmth over fashion.  Don’t throw style out the door, but make sure to keep yourself from freezing to death! It’ll look better than you shivering in the snow.