Semi SZN Hacks

By Lizzie Carter

A tale as old as time: We memorize the date of every semi-formal only for the date to roll around and suddenly your closet seems barren. It happens to the best of us, myself included. So to avoid the hassle of having to overnight ship a sub-par dress last minute, I have a couple of recommendations.

Courtesy of @tatum_andres
  1.  Curtsy: what is it? A fabulous website where you can list or rent girls dresses, jumpsuits, bags, etc. on your own college campus! Curtsy Miami campus was just started this year but already has a booming business. If you see something you like, the owner’s number is right there for you to shoot them a text and schedule when you can try on your hidden gem. So download the app and start browsing today!
  2. Rent the Runway: a similar concept, but higher end. Instead of buying a dress you’ll never wear again, you simply plug in your size and what kind of dress you would like, and you have endless designer options you’re free to rent from 3 to 14 days. A good deal and designer dresses? I’m sold.
  3. Boutique’s uptown: always stocked. Walk into any of the cute boutiques we have awaiting you in Uptown Oxford, and I guarantee you’ll find the dress of your dreams. The boutique’s like Appletree and Juniper stock up for this time of year because they know everyone needs a cute little number to wear for semi-season. Another perk, supporting local businesses! Either way, you can’t lose by just browsing a couple of our many options uptown.
  4. Worst comes to worst, you raid a friend’s closet. My closet is often referred to as my corridor’s closet in my dorm, so know that you always have a friend who is willing to let you prance around in their cute clothes. And, it’s free! Just a peak from a willing friend is all it takes to look amazing in the nick of time.
Courtesy of Caitlyn Maskalunas

So before you have a mental breakdown about not knowing what to wear, take a breath. On a campus such as Miami’s, you have endless options that won’t break the bank nor make you look any less than your best. Raid a closet, browse online, or make the chilly walk uptown for a guaranteed good lookin’ dress that you’ll dance the night away.