The Glow Up: Hair Edition

By Lizzie Carter

Growing up means a lot of things: taking on more responsibilities, realizing your dreams, working towards these, and, what I personally find to be the most important, finding and finalizing your style/beauty routines. In other words, “glowing” up. Defined in millennial terms, this means coming into yourself and your style, experiencing a sudden change of style and beauty that is consistent. This series will feature the many phases and parts that go into the glow up. First up: Hair.

Personal results from my own hair-restlessness

Now when I was little, I was always taught to believe that a side part is the most universally flattering on all head shapes. As I got older, I saw a lot of girls with middle parts who really rocked it. I always thought that maybe they were just very pretty and could pull off anything, but the more hair parts I saw, the more I realized that it depends solely on your face shape. If you have a round face, I recommend a middle part to elongate your face. Square? Soft side part to soften your features. Heart shape looks best with a center part with long hair and side part with shorter cuts. If you have an oval shape, you got lucky and can pull off most anything you feel. So take a quick peep in the mirror and experiment with both parts. Finding the most flattering will really change the way your face symmetry looks, and it will help you try something new without necessarily permanently changing your hair.

Next up? Find a color that you are obsessed with. Now, this isn’t necessary if you have a naturally beautiful mane, similar to a shiny golden retriever or wild horse. But, if you’re like the rest of the population, you might want to try out something new like highlights or a fun color. Now, this all depends on your taste preference. Pink hair sound totally you? Go for it! Only want a couple of highlights? Also a great option. Find a color that you will feel confident and beautiful in, most importantly, a color that you feel truly you in. All that matters is you love it, that is when the true confidence and happiness comes in that happens during this period of “glowing” up.

Chop chop: a phrase that, when applied to hair, scares most girls anywhere from high school to early college age. People clutch to the idea that long hair is the only option that will make them feel beautiful. This can be tied to a societal idea that this is the most beautiful and feminine. But here’s a secret: you don’t have to follow this idea. Sometimes going to the salon for a shoulder-grazing cut is what feels the most liberating and beautiful. Finding a cut that you love and makes you want to whip your hair on the dance floor is the key when looking for a hair style. Angles and layers can give a lot of depth to thin hair. For me, I love a mid-length cut with layers and face-framing angles. Bangs are also bangin’, lol. Before making the big chop, I recommend exploring a couple options on Pinterest and showing them to your hair dresser. Trust the professional here, and you’ll end up with a beautiful cut that will be sure to turn heads.

Courtesy of Modern Salon

When you begin to get antsy and want a change that you feel will really completely, look for some hairspiration. You have so many options out there and so many sites for you to explore trendy cuts, colors, and styles. The one thing to always remember when thinking about your own glow up is what is going to make you feel the most confident, comfortable, and beautiful because that’s what the glow up consists of.