The Unofficial Guide to Poshmark-ing

By Abby Malone

We’ve all heard of the app Poshmark, but how exactly do you do it? The idea of buying or selling clothing from/to random people all over the world may sound a little shady. However, it is actually super straightforward and easy to use.

For us college kids, making a little extra cash by selling clothes you never wear anymore sounds like a perfect scenario. Not to mention, it is super great for the environment, as rebuying and reselling clothes means less has to be produced! Here are some tips to master the art that is Poshmark-ing:

1. Have  a certain item in mind when looking,

Poshmark has so many clothing items offered it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. However, I would suggest having a specific item and using that to search instead of browsing, because then you will end up like me and see too many things you like! If the article of clothing you are looking for is vintage, I recommend using Depop instead for an easier search.

2. Commit to an amount that you want to spend.

Poshmark is great because you can put in offers for the price. However, this does not mean lowballing someone. Think of how much you would want to sell an item for, and look for that particular item when shopping around on the site. That way, you do not end up spending more than you initially meant to.

3. When selling, try and sell your product!

I know when I am looking around on Posh I am more drawn to the sellers who set up their clothes against a nice backdrop or pair it with other items for sale. I am a sucker for good presentation!


Courtesy of Poshmark


Hope this helps for the next time you are trying to save a little and use Poshmark for that super cute clothing item you really want!