Two Instagram Worthy Skincare Products

By Madelyn Hopkins

We’ve all seen it.  The never-ending feed of beautiful models on Instagram.  Whether they’re 15 like Sophie McGuire (@muchlovesophie) or a little older like Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman), Instagram famous people love endorsing skincare products.  Now, sometimes you see this stuff and think “Okay, they’re just doing this for money and free products. Does it really work though??”.  Valid point; however, there are some Instagram Famous Skincare Products that ARE worth your time.  Here are my Top 2 Instagram Skincare Products that do really work wonders:

The first product that caught my eye was Frank Body (@frank_bod).  This Aussie skincare line began as a coffee body scrub and has been expanding their products ever since they struck fame.  Girls love posting photos in their “dirty” Frank body scrub wearing bathing suits and a big smile.

I started using Frank Body two years ago and have been hooked.  Not only is it fun to look like you’re covered in dirt for a couple minutes, it also really does do wonders for your skin.  Every time I use Frank Body, I leave the shower feeling silky smooth with glowing skin.  Their new Shimmer Scrub line also is amazing and gives my body a highlighted look that no other product can match.  If you’re looking for some new scrubs, check out  Their affordable prices and amazing products will make you want to buy everything!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 3.44.02 PM.png
Courtesy of Mind of Mada

The second product is Bali Body (@BaliBody).  Bali Body is also based out of Australia and their Instagram features all of the “Bali Body Babes” who look amazing using their products. I found this skincare line via Devin Brugman, an endorser of Bali Body, and tried it out for my senior year spring break trip.  Although Bali Body does more than just sunscreen and tanning oil, I particularly liked their sunscreen products.  They gave me more color than regular SPF 30; however, didn’t fry me like tanning oil would.  This product has become essential on every beach vacation and one of my favorite skincare products.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 3.49.26 PM.png
Courtesy of Bali Body

Next time you’re looking to treat yoself (and your skin) check out these two brands! I promise you, you won’t be upset and your skin will be thanking you for days.