Uncovering The Real Reasons Why Students Wear Headphones To Class

By Gabriella Dini

Having visited a variety of schools, and campuses, I’ve come to realize that the headphone epidemic is an incurable, nongenerational, occurrence. It is otherwise unavoidable; and although often frowned upon by elders, the opinion on the outbreak could quickly change to a positive one when we uncover what it is students are really listening to.

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Courtesy Of Gabriella Dini

For many, myself included, it’s as simple as listening to your favorite song on the way to class. But what that song can do is completely change your mood into one that’s looking forward to class. There’s something so hype about playing your favorite songs on your way to class, but there has to be more of a reason than just that. Right? In our society today, it’s so normal to cut off communication and daily interactions with others.

I remember when I told my mom that I would always play music on my way to class, she was so surprised. For her, it seemed so “odd” that we so easily isolate ourselves in a place meant for interaction and communication. For me, walking to class to my favorite jams makes me feel like I’m struttin’ through a movie scene… and everyone else does it so, why not? Although hearing my moms reaction left me to wonder, maybe it is a little interesting that we all pop headphones in like it’s nothing! With this thought left running through my head, I decided to ask some students on campus why they choose to put their headphones in and what they are listening to.

Student 1: “It helps make the time pass.”

Student 2: “Because my playlist is fire.”

Student 3: “To avoid talking to people.”

Student 4: “Fewer chance people will talk to me while I’m walking to class.”

Student 5: “Everyone else is doing it.”

Whether or not one is in the mood to block out everything around them, jam to their favorite playlist, or just go with the flow of students on their way to class, as long as students keep plugging in, music will continue to impact the majority of people around campus.