The Glow Up: Bronzed

By Lizzie Carter

Next up in this fun little series featuring the ever desired to Glow Up, I’m talking about a literal glow. A tan. There’s no question that during the summer months when your skin has been kissed with rays of golden light, you feel even more confident. Your skin clears, white clothes look incredible on you, and you feel this strange sense of empowerment that you only get from a light, glowing tan. Now, depending on where you live, when fall rolls around, that tan begins to make its destined exit and paleness sets in, as well as panic. But, that panic does not need to exist because two magical things exist to keep up the glow: Self-tanner and spray tans. Keep on reading to see my favorite products and tips to maintain that bronzey, confidence.

Courtesy of Up Fashion Magazine
  1. EXFOLIATE. Please and thank you. If you are just now starting your fake tan journey, then keep this in mind. Before any fake tan procedure, exfoliate with a loofah, a literal exfoliate scrub or some simple scrubbing with a dry brush. This will help the tan to go on smoothly and look more natural because if any flakes of skin are caught in the process, they show, shed, and leave you with a spotty, lousy tan. So please, do your part, and scrub your skin.
  2. Avoid moisturizing just before, this will create a streaky texture and appearance in your tan. Oil-based products should be avoided a few days before you tan, as well, to prevent a similar, streaky and unnatural appearance.
  3. When using self-tanner, I recommend using a mitt. This will give you even playing field and spreading across your whole body. A mousse is also highly recommended because there will be an immediate result if you miss an area, you can just go back in and fill in the patches. When tanning, start above the ankles and sweep up in a circular motion to watch the tan. Sleeping overnight in your tan is your best move for the color will set in, and you don’t have to move around, which could potentially ruin the tan.
  4. For a spray tan, make sure to ask which color you think is best for where your skin tone and shade is now. There is nothing worse than waking up after a tan and looking like the peanut butter baby.
Courtesy of @Luzeastral


So when assessing your glow up, think about what shade will make you feel the most like your summer self, confident and bronzey. The glow you get will instantly up your confidence and white-clothes wearing ability. This will translate to give you the most beautiful glow from the inside, the most essential part of this glow up in life.