Fridge & Pantry: New Uptown Market

By Claire Vaughn 

A new Uptown Market is in town! Fridge & Pantry will be opening after Christmas break on January 1st, 2018. This new market will have everything you need, including toiletries, groceries, and a fresh deli and cafe, which will open a few days after the market on January 20th, 2018.

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First of all, the decor is adorable. There are wood panels everywhere, taken from a real barn. The signs are very cute, and the whole place has a cool vibe. It feels like an organic health food store, but you look around, and they have ice cream, candy, and soda, among all of the other healthy options. It has everything you would find at a well-known grocery store.

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I had the chance to try a few of the special treats they have. First, I tried a smoothie with the juice bar. It had raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries. It was fantastic! There also were other types of smoothies like strawberry banana cranberry and mango orange. I also tried two of their deli sandwiches, one was their turkey apple sandwich, which was amazing. Then, I tried a BLT which had Canadian bacon on it, which really worked well. The loaves of bread are made in a local bakery and are always fresh. I would love to try every sandwich on their menu. It was truly the perfect mix of hardy and healthy. The smoothie bar is a really nice touch, especially because Oxford doesn’t have a lot of healthy options like this.

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They even have an option to have a house account. You fill out an application with your credit card information, and you receive a member number. This way, you can set an unlimited monthly spending or get a grocery allowance from your parents. It’s actually pretty convenient. Not only is this really close to campus, but it’s also locally owned, which is really cool. The owners of Brick Street and Seaview uptown teamed up to make this little place a reality. I think it’s just what Oxford needed!

So, when you get a chance, I would definitely recommend giving this a shot. It’s more conveniently located than Kroger or Walmart and is locally owned. They have everything you could need. Plus a smoothie bar! The market opens 1/2/18 while the cafe opens 1/20/18!