Introducing…. Speak UP

This year at UP Magazine, we’ve been really focused on pushing the envelope and expanding our brand. When our fabulous Director of Operations Karolina pitched the idea of a podcast, I was so excited to dive into this emerging market. After a few months of organizing and hard work, it’s finally here!

Enter Speak UP… A podcast series sponsored by UP Magazine, a student-run fashion and lifestyle publication inspiring style and authenticity for 10 years. The series features bright, curious minds sharing their unconventional means of achieving success while navigating through rough waters and finding their voice… All with a little hint of humor.

This first episode hosted by Karolina Ulasevich is an introduction to the show which is set to drop next week featuring hosts Adler Smith, Caroline Plonski and stylist Kate Kronstein.

Thanks for your support and much UP love!!


Madelaine Wood, Editor-in-Chief