The Glow Up: Style Files

By Lizzie Carter

In the last installment of the Glow Up series, we’re talking about style. Not fashion, not trends, but your own style and way of dressing that helps you present an attitude of complete and utter confidence. With a few of these helpful tips, you can feel completely comfortable in your outfit and your skin.

Courtesy of BLDG 25
  1. Dress for your favorite features. Do you absolutely love your legs? Or think that you look best in long sleeves rather than strapless? Then you do you, girl. By dressing in clothes that play up some of your favorite features of yourself, you’ll end putting together something that you feel totally “you” in. There are no fashion rules; instead, you get creative. A chic look can come out of nowhere with some totally unexpected pieces so go digging through your closet and find put together an outfit that makes your favorite features pop.
  2. Dress in colors that play well with your skin tone. Your skin tone is best found by looking at your veins on your wrist and the color of your eyes. Greenish veins and brown or green eyes? You have a warm skin tone, which pairs best with reds, hues of brown, and bright colors. Blueish veins and cool blue or light eyes? Cool skin tone. These hues match best with colors like blue, purple, and dark hues. Find a cute top in a color that best makes your eyes pop or a color that really makes your tan look rich and warm. Putting together an outfit in flattering colors is what can slowly lead you towards confidence in your style.
  3. Spend an extra 5 minutes in the morning putting together an outfit. Yes, I know, your 8:30 am class is really hard to get to in the first place, but picking out your outfit the night before or even just wearing jeans instead of leggings are going to make a world of difference. Putting some effort into what you wear is something people notice, and more importantly, something that will make you feel on top of the world. Even if you’re drowning in exams and have 3 late assignments plus a parking ticket if you’re outfit is put together, you’re going to feel like the world is your oyster.
  4. Pick something to be part of your signature look. If purple lipstick makes you feel like you can do anything, then make it a part of your look. Do you love a chic blazer with jeans? Consider it your style. By picking a piece and making it totally yours, you feel comfortable yet confident because it is a different take on something most people could do, yet you style it to be totally “you.”
Courtesy of The Cut

So while you find yourself on this journey of “glowing up,” keep one thing in mind: confidence is the only thing that matters. No matter what you chose to change, as long as it installs a sense of identity that you own in you, you can do whatever you want to create your personal style. As a huge advocate for being totally and completely you, I hope you take these tips to heart and “glow” the world away with your transformation.