A Halftime Show for Hypebeasts

By Tyler Aberle

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes once and sold them for over a 1000% gain? Neither have I . . .  But guess who has: Justin Timberlake.

During Super Bowl LII, congratulations to Philadelphia (don’t burn down your city again), JT and the Tennessee Kids were the halftime entertainment. Not only did he put on an incredible show and remind us how we will never attain the swagger and confidence this one man can hold, but he also sent the sneaker game on a wild goose chase wear whatever was on his feet.

Courtesy of Nike

What was on his feet you ask? He was wearing a Jordan III designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and Nike. This sneaker is a part of the JTH collection, and its release has been highly anticipated by the sneaker-head community.

Between the hologram of prince and Justin bringing sexy back, the shoe was nearly immediately sold out and went from a retail price of $200 to a clean $2,400. When shoes were being sold for that much, Tom Brady still had a chance in the game.

Watching the Hypebeast community make an obscene amount of money off of a simple shoe is something to amaze, and it is a gift that will keep on giving. From this release to the next, there is always one constant: the first to buy will flip it and pay for college.